[Friday Map] The Seer’s Font


Dyson's Dodecahedron

Hey look, I bought a compass!

No, seriously. That’s exactly what triggered this map – I picked up a compass in November (along with some circle templates) and this was the result of me doodling with its help a few days later while at a long and boring meeting.

The Seer’s Font is a temple cut under the roots of a massive tree. The central circular chambers are walled in ancient roots and a pair of small fountains are on the upper level of this central chamber. The true seer’s font however is in a smaller chamber just off the side of the great room and down a small flight of stairs. The seer is an ancient man, now seemingly more tree than human, who stares into the font for weeks and months at a time, occasionally murmuring prophecies and observations of the world around him.

Over time, an institution…

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