Looking Back at Best of the Dragon


Smoldering Wizard

I’m enjoying going through a recent purchase from Noble Knight GamesBest of the Dragon, Vols. I-IV. I particularly like the collection of From the Sorcerers Scroll articles in Vol. II. If you haven’t heard of them, these are Gary Gygax’s articles/editorials from the early days, in this case, from 1978-1980, during the development and publishing of AD&D 1e.

Best of Dragon Vol II

We take for granted now a rich ecosystem of old-school fantasy RPGs and retro-clones, along with an overload of new ideas and rule variations from the OSR community. But back then, D&D was pretty much it for fantasy role-playing, and you can see how the nascent house-ruling movement really bothered Gary. Here are some fascinating quotes from the article Realism vs. Game Logic in Dragon #16, this was July of 1978:

The D&D game encourages inventiveness and originality within the framework of its rules. Those who insist on altering…

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